The Kryssalis Team: Your Software Solution Provider

It is one thing to have a vision to create a technology company dedicated to developing simple-to-use software systems for transportation, healthcare, and learning management as well as offering free technological services to non-profits. In our ten years of managing our business we’ve come to understand the importance of having a wonderful team. We have the technological skills to develop cutting edge solutions for several large and small entities. But the realization that visually showcasing your skill set to the world in a cohesive manner is of highest importance too. The effect of having a good team cannot be underestimated. The assistance of diverse people with varying skill sets and expertise, who enhance our technology with their design and creative skills as well as marketing our tools are the key to our confidence. From website development and design to social media management and copywriting, and finally, launching our new website, none of this would be possible without the assistance of our virtual assistant staff.

It’s easy to take advantage of a customer when working as a virtual assistant. In this time and age when everything revolves around time and monetary transactions, what stands out is people’s integrity and trust. To find people and build a team who have the same values as you and who are genuine, hardworking and are vested in your success is a rare commodity in today’s times. Kryssalis has been fortunate to work with very trustworthy and honest team members virtual and in person.

Individuals make rash decisions. In less than a tenth of a second, a person’s initial impression is created. Websites are no different. This initial impression is shaped by a range of factors, including the structure, colors, spacing, symmetry, font volume, and structure of the text. Kryssalys’s website features a simple yet appealing visual design, but the site’s attraction is not limited to its visual appearance alone. What’s outstanding about Kryssalis is its value proposition to its customers: ease of data management while collaborating with clients to design the solution they require. Our core team has more than 25 years of experience in technical skills and agile software development, so we make sure that crucial systems stay responsive at all times.

Not only do we create indispensable software, but we also enhance communication, especially in the context of information management. Our approach facilitates more efficient collaboration between bureaucracies and organizations when it comes to data sharing. One of the best examples is when the State of Utah contracted with us to design a customized system for integrating data from legacy systems. It enabled departments to share data they were previously unable to communicate before. The term “Big data” refers to more than just data collection; it also means data exchange.
We have a demonstrated track record of tackling transportation, healthcare, and government contracting difficulties through careful analysis. Our data-driven and fact-based approach ensures that all choices are made using the most accurate data available. Kryssalis is always looking for the best way to serve our customers and other people who work with us.

Once again, Kryssalis is greatly appreciative of our VA staff, who work tirelessly to complete the website, as well as our in-house website developers and software engineers. It demonstrates that nothing is impossible if talented individuals work collectively.
Do not hesitate to contact us if your business requires an agile software solution. Kryssalis is here to assist you through a collaborative and dynamic approach.