Kryssalis provides software engineering, consulting, and operational services to assist multinational corporations in embracing innovation and addressing the ever-changing issues of today’s digital environment. Our services have been tailored to fit your unique requirements at each stage of your digital transformation journey and generate business value in the most cost-effective manner possible. We help you achieve your strategic objectives by providing software engineering, technological advancements, development teams, digital strategy, and management solutions.


We help transportation organizations build and deploy solutions based on modern software architectures that can evolve rapidly with changes. And we utilize algorithms and models built with AI/ML to adapt the streams of real-time data to intelligent and adaptive solutions.
Our AI/ML models have been utilized by USDOT and state transportation agencies to solve their problems and use predictive analytics to manage future expectations and goals. Our software has been used for critical infrastructures like roadways and bridges to maintain a state of good repair (SGR) as well as to predict and resolve through replacement, of the roadways and bridges’ potential for failure.
Our products and solutions have helped public healthcare organizations to deploy statewide integrated systems that have complex and varied interactions with different systems and their data. By integrating these systems, the state health departments,
can centralize information for state and federal compliance, regulatory needs, anonymized data for research purposes, and the various proprietary systems to communicate with each other. We are also involved in looking at healthcare solutions for users to be able to take control of their healthcare journey and utilize an integrative approach to health. Our system profiles a user’s health and then leads them step-by-step through a process of healing with help from professionals at the appropriate time, depending on where they are in their journey.
Learning Management Services
Custom software development is critical to every business’s success. It enables you to automate your business, raise your productivity, and significantly increase your revenues. A software program is developed with a general understanding of the user’s preferences and expectations in mind.
However, corporations demand inventive solutions to address issues unique to their industry and environment. Kryssalis’ robust software solution makes it simple to share your expertise, build your following, and scale your existing business. Whether you’re educating ten or ten million students, you’ll benefit from the industry’s smoothest platform and most excellent services.
Community Work
At Kryssalis it’s not always about profits, rather It is about weaving a community of high thinkers, with ethical values and morale. As part of who we are, at Kryssalis we volunteer to help wherever we can. Using our cutting-edge technology, we offer sophisticated and customized software solutions,
to organizations who are trying to bring positive change. It could be teaching fundamentals of software to a group of seventh graders at school, or it could be a mental health related data collection platform for the Juvenile justice department’s outreach project. We have also developed several community-based platforms because we want to benefit all of our community and pursuing a more equitable future. Because we believe that we are role models for our next generations. At Kryssalis it’s not just all about business, but it’s about creating a foundation of a moral tapestry on which we work on and endeavor to bring forward a new way of thinking.