Kryssalis is a woman-owned, premier software development and consulting firm located in the heart of North Carolina’s Research Triangle region. Years of experience in Healthcare, Transportation and other sectors enable our firm to bring unique innovation to projects while maintaining a high level of reliability. We develop solutions that address business needs and pave the way for new opportunities.

As a technology company specializing in real-time, distributed systems and integration, our software expands business opportunities and improves operations. A dynamic and collaborative approach ensures that you receive the product quickly, allowing you to tackle the workplace challenges that await you. Ongoing consulting services simplify product maintenance.
Our mission is simple; To provide software solutions that will help grow your business. We collaborate with major players in the industry and stay up-to-date on research so you can focus more time running yours!
Meet the Kryssalis Team
Jayanthi Raghu
CEO & Founder at Kryssalis Creators LLC
Jayanthi Raghu is the CEO & Founder of Kryssalis Creators LLC in Durham, NC. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, a Master’s in Psychology, and a Diploma in Counseling from India. She has experience working with adults with autism and Down Syndrome in Utah.

Jayanthi developed an interest in technology and pursued a program at Moore College in Philadelphia. Her interest in technology and a certificate program from MIT in Design Thinking helped her establish a software services company in 2011. Jayanthi is interested in software and is passionate about utilizing her creative thinking skills and software knowledge to impact the community positively. Her passion is social entrepreneurship and an innovative approach to solving problems. She and her family’s personal experience and trauma during civil riots in Sri Lanka, where she lost her home to a bomb blast. Other traumatic experiences have strengthened her to build her company by creating purpose-driven software solutions. Her empathy helps her create customized software solutions and products to serve her clients’ needs.

Jayanthi is a board member at Trauma Focused Therapeutic Gardens and is the Director and owner of the Listening Domes organization, a part of Lucent community foundations. She also runs a local community group for mental health awareness and shares knowledge on looking for signs of depression and anxiety among teens. As CEO of Kryssalis Creators LLC, Jayanthi leads a team of software developers and analysts to conceptualize, design, and develop software tools for commercial and government agencies.
Raghu Krishnaswamy
Director of Technology at Kryssalis Creators LLC
Raghu Krishnaswamy is the Director of Technology at Kryssalis Creators LLC. Raghu has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has publications within the specialty of Computer Science in analysis patterns and reuse.

He is very interested in getting complex software systems and their integration into the hands of organizations and entities that cannot afford it, like non-profits, building applications for the common good, and working with local agencies to help build useful applications using open-source systems.

Currently, Raghu is an adjunct faculty at Wake Tech Community college, where he teaches Python and C++. Raghu has considerable experience in healthcare and transportation, where he has helped build complex and large-scale systems for various government agencies for the past 15 years. Before that, he had experience working in investment banking, developing high-performance software for trading systems on Wall Street. As a technology company specializing in real-time, distributed systems and integration, our software expands business opportunities and improves operations. A dynamic and collaborative approach ensures that you receive the product quickly, allowing you to tackle the workplace challenges that await you. Ongoing consulting services simplify product maintenance.
Dr. Stephen Clyde
Dr. Stephen Clyde is currently an associate professor at Utah State University, specializing in software engineering, object-oriented models and methods, distributed systems, and AWS.

Current research areas include Reusability of user-interface design knowledge Analysis, Specification, and Design templates Near-real-time navigation of high-resolution images over the Internet. It also includes improving the quality of object-oriented designs, Migration and replicating objects in distributed object systems, Formal models for object-oriented systems analysis, specification, and design, Modeling intra-object concurrency and re-entrant behavior, and applying object-oriented software development model, methods, and tools to web-development.

Stephen has been the principal investigator of numerous development projects that range from an innovative information system for a searching job listing to a website for National Scenic Byways, applications for the FHWA, and large-scale projects for the Utah Dept of Health. Most of the projects have integrated concepts from object orientation, distributed systems, database systems, and multimedia. The development projects have provided an excellent testbed for emerging formal models and methods and a stimulus for new research. They have also offered wonderful work experience and funding for many graduate students.

Stephen has published papers on various topics, including formal software models, object-oriented design methods, knowledge-based code generation, and expert systems. He has also made many presentations on his research and development activities at conferences, workshops, and seminars. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, in April 1993. While at BYU, Stephen taught courses on system design, data and computer communications, programming environments, and software quality.
Natasha Donnelly
Natasha Donnelly is an RN, completed her training as a Registered Midwife, has a post-graduate certificate in Education for Higher Education students, and is a Sociologist with a Ph.D. in Suicide Prevention.

She has been actively involved as part of the healthcare team, advocate, researcher, and educator in mental health settings for many years at Juvenile Justice and Psychiatric Facilities, working with at-risk populations in England, Africa, and now the USA. Natasha has also been involved with suicide prevention since 2000. Her international work included being an Adviser for the First Suicide Prevention Strategy for England. She received a Department of Health Section 64 Grant and founded the UK mental health charity Students in Mind. Natasha has been an active collaborator in many statewide multi-disciplinary initiatives in North Carolina. In 2002, Natasha received The Mind Millennium Fellowship, a lifetime achievement award by the Millennium Commission, researching mental health issues, suicide prevention, and strategies for young people. In 2003, she received The Star People and the Scarman Trust Awards for working with young people living with mental health issues.

Natasha is passionate about designing initiatives to promote Trauma-Focused care and has been involved in therapeutic designs of indoor and outdoor spaces since 2004. In 2014 Natasha began researching the concept of Trauma-Focused Sensory Gardens and, in 2016, took the idea to Juvenile Justice! In 2017 Natasha approached NC State University and was directed to Anne Spafford and her students. They joined the project to add horticultural expertise to North Carolina’s first Trauma-Focused Therapeutic Garden for Juvenile Justice settings. Natasha is proud to be a Board Member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and an advisor for the Legacy Committee for the new Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh, NC.